Stone Hill Municipal Solutions offers a number of software solutions for Municipalities.

Currently these offerings include:

  • Tax Billing - robust and very easy to use property tax billing system, suitable for small to large municipalities.
  • Utility Billing - easy to use, but robust enough for even large municipalities.
  • Payment Center - cash receipting (or point of sale) system which allows you to consolidate all your payments into a single system.  Even if you use different systems from different vendors, all your payments may be entered in a single system.  And credit card processing is included.
  • PermitME - web based, full featured building permit and inspection management.  Easy to setup, easy to use with geocodeing and support for mobile devices.
  • CodeIT - web based and designed for use in conjunction with PermitME.  Easy to setup, easy to use with geocodeing and support for mobile devices.
  • NH-GAP - hosted and centralized welfare management system.

Please contact us with any questions about these or our future offerings.

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